October 13-15, 2021 / Hall 5, KINTEX 1

October 13-15, 2021 / SEOUL

October 13-15, 2021


    Discover the future of 3D Printing in the aerospace, automotive, medical and manufacturing industries in one place


    Experience the latest 3D Printing products, services and meet the solutions your business needs


    Make full use of special chemistry with 10,000+ delegates from 25 countries onsite


    The most influential industry players - 3DPrint.com, SmarTech Analysis, 3DR Holdings, KINTEX co-produce the event

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New Era of Advanced Manufacturing

Inside 3D Printing started in New York City in 2013 and runs in major cities around the world.
Inside 3D Printing Seoul is in its 8th round this year and has grown into one of the biggest global events in Asia.

Despite pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 in 2020, Inside 3D Printing was held safely under a thorough
quarantine system, with a total of 70 exhibitors (200 booths), 6,887 visitors and 23 speakers worldwide.

Inside 3D Printing Seoul takes place on October 13-15, 2021 at KINTEX, South Korea with 10,000+ delegates,
800+ visiting companies and 500+ executives from 25 countries.

Inside 3D Printing will play a major role in helping 3D printing technology to expand across industries as manufacturing, molding, construction, aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, fashion and jewelry.

You can join and make full use of another special chemistry among entrepreneurs, investors, buyers, media
and government officials worldwide this year!


Pre-register and Save!
Exhibit Hours: 10:00-17:30 (October 13-14) / 10:00-17:00 (October 15)






SANGSANG ISANG 3DPRINTING is a 3D printing company in Incheon that provides original and practical FDM large 3D printer production and printing services developed by itself. Based on the technology and know-how in developing FDM 3D printers, it focuses on its capabilities in developing next-generation 3D platforms and 3D printing technologies.


Stratasys is a global leader in 3D printing and additive technology solutions for industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Design, Education, and Healthcare. For over 30 years, a deep and ongoing focus on customers’ business requirements has fueled purposeful innovations that create new value across product lifecycle processes, from design prototypes to manufacturing tools and final production parts. Stratasys offers industry-leading precise, repeatable, and reliable FDM, PolyJet, SAF, P3, and SLA 3D printing technologies, advanced material, and software that enables voxel-level control to meet demanding design and manufacturing requirements. Fulfilling the real-world potential of additive, Stratasys delivers breakthrough industry-specific applications that accelerate business processes, optimize value chains and drive business performance improvements.

3D printing technology was invented by Chuck Hull, the founder of 3D Systems. The first step started with an SLA-type 3D printer.
Before the introduction of SLA-type 3D printing prototyping, it took a lot of time and expense to produce conceptual models. Innovations in SLA have reduced these resource expenditures while increasing the quality and accuracy of the resulting models. The company creates product concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns for tooling and production parts for direct digital manufacturing. 3D Systems' technology and services are used in the design, development and production phases of many industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, entertainment and durable goods.
After the first invention of SLA, CJP, MJP, and SLS were additionally invented for the first time.

When Materialise was founded in 1990, our goal was to enable new uses for the extraordinary potential that 3D printing offers. Since then, we have leveraged our experience to create a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form a backbone for the 3D printing industry.
Our open and flexible platforms enable players in industries such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods, to build innovative 3D printing applications that make the world a better and healthier place.
Headquartered in Belgium, with branches worldwide, Materialise has combined the largest group of software developers in the industry with one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world.
Ultimately, we empower our customers to transition towards a digital manufacturing process and to launch innovations that have the potential to forever change the faces of their industries.
And that’s what keeps us pioneering. That’s why we continue to encourage, inspire, and co-create for a better and healthier world.

AVACO represents VELO3D in South Korea through sales, service, and application support. VELO3D created the industry's first SupportFree solution for 3D metal printing, enabling unlimited design innovation by reducing the need for support structures in metal additive manufacturing.

Prototech Inc. is a leading 3D printing total solution company and has been spreading 3D printing technology in Korea as Stratasys' largest platinum partner for more than 15 years. Prototech also offers solutions ranging from TRUMPF, desktop metal 3D printers and 3D scanners to fabrication services. Prometheus Company was established in 2017. It was for professional manufacturing services and was the first time in the industry. AS9100 was certified as a member of the Global Manufacturing Service (GMN) and joined GMN for providing high-quality part services.

Graphy Inc., which shows the Highest quality 3d printing dental material and have a deal with the majority of dental companies in the world, is a specialized photopolymer materials manufacturer in Korea. Now, we are expanding our market to industrial sectors as well.

VERICOM is a manufacturer of various types of Dental Materials located in South Korea.
It was founded by a team of experienced dental researchers dedicated to their clear vision of being a top global manufacturer. With contiunous technology development and management renovation, we will continue to develop into a sustainable company so that its employees and shareholders can be proud of.

"Industrial grade high quality, competitive FDM/FFF 3D printers with 3 nozzles, made in Italy, which is certificated for the multilateral and super-polymer 3D print."

Established in 2016, 3rd Eye of Korea developed a scanner control board and laser marking program, which are the core parts of laser processing machines, and has supplied them to many companies. Based on our foundation technology, we aim to realize high quality and reasonable prices, and aim to research PBF metal 3D printers and metal 3D printers for dental laboratories.

Our company is "3D Enter" which commercialized the first large-scale 3D printer in Korea.
It is the standard for large domestic 3D printers and is competing with expensive foreign-made equipment.
We introduce new products every year through continuous technological development, and we supply optimal equipment according to the products produced by customers.
3D printers are now not an option, but essential equipment for industrial sites.
We hope you will be the leading role of 3D Entertainment's Cross Series and the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Thank you.

Harvestance is professional Additive Manufacturing(AM) design engineering company. Harvestance provides manufacturing professionals with alternatives and insights by designing optimum AM.

The goal of Lincsolution Inc. is to create a world where everyone can use the customized products of their own using 3D printing technologies. For this, we aim to provide various 3D printing service solutions that can create new businesses and high value-added industries for the existing manufacturing industries aiming at the new customized consumer product markets.

Since its establishment,
M3 Partners has been putting its good endeavors to combine Today’s key industry of manufacturing - Precision machining with Future industry - 3D Printing technologies with different material applications.
EPCM, optimally designed cooling channels, made possible by 3D printing that allows for greater geometric freedom, can increase quality of injection parts, reduce process cycle time and even extend mold life by optimal control of heat transfer. Compared with conventional type, this improved process brings great advantages of economy such as lowering cost, short turnaround time and especially well-suited for small batch production. Quick mold delivery also makes it useful for testing and validation purposes.
M3 Partners mission is to become a more competitive supplier covering precision machining up to 3D Printing-combined technology of EPCM with supporting customers’ needs in product development and production.
M3 Partners promises to accomplish this mission through continuous efforts to the latest technologies and creative innovations.

K-NETS & ENG specializes in digital twins, providing unique engineering technology based on 3D scanning. Through the use of 3D scanners and sales of 3D industry equipment, we provide technical services to the manufacturing and entertainment industries.

For accurate measurement inspection in manufacturing industries, we provide quality control services using 3D scanning. By cooperating with other companies, we always pursue as perfect tests as possible. Moreover, we supply high-quality 3D data at an affordable price, offer tailored solutions for various industries, and own technology that improves industry processes.

For entertainment industries, we scan objects of various sizes, from centimetre-level entities like humans to kilometre-level entities like cities, thereby providing digital-twin services using 3D scanners.

Thanks to our experience in the above industries, we developed ScanTech’s 3D scanners ourselves: hand-held laser 3D scanners, hand-held optical 3D scanners, and tracker laser 3D scanners. In addition, we handle broadband 3D scanners, precision 3D scanners, and 3D equipment specialized for photogrammetry.

Our precise and specialized engineering technology enables us to meet customers’ demands and establish robust digital solution systems for various industries. To venture beyond the domestic market and become a global leader, every member of K-NETS & ENG strives for innovation.

For customers who are together with us on our quest for innovation, we will do our best for their satisfaction and success.

Thank you.

Corlinesoft has been an AI-based medical imaging solution company since 2012. We have the exceptional technical capability that is required to develop 3D medical imaging software on our own.
AVIEW MODELER is the modelling software developed by CorelinseSoft. It may work as a solution to print in 3- dimensions after segmentation of the body parts based on patients' CT or MRI data.
The outputs of the medical 3D are used on multiple occasions. Such as preoperative surgery planning, patient-specific treatment planning, and collaboration among the doctors to explain to the patients.
Unlike other software that requires installing the software per computer, AVIEW MODELER can operate based on thin-client. It can be accessed and used simultaneously by multiple users and only requires installing to the server.
Moreover, it is a great solution in a medical 3D printing environment that requires close communication between 3D engineers and physicians. It is useful especially when they need to complete the output in a given short time. The features include free URL-Link generation of work at any time after completing the job to share content with others.
Users may set rules without limitations about the auto segmentation (smart slicer) with automatic data processing capabilities. It helps to reduce working time and achieve better results through automatic segmentation of body parts.

Goodsgood is a specialized storage company that researches and develops various storage methods to provide an optimal environment of storage.
Goodsgood maintains the highest quality to store a variety of products such as electronic parts, laboratory, pharmacy, cosmetics, optical instrument, precision instrument, measuring instrument, cultural assets, musical instrument, 3D printer, and filaments for the 3D printer in the optimal environment. We develop and sell functional storage cases.

Powder Alloy Corporation (PAC) is a privately held firm that was founded in 1973.
Our core business is the manufacturing and distribution of metallic, ceramic
And thermal spray powders and wires that are used in coating enhancement
and joining industries. PAC both markets directly to the marketplace as well as
use strategic alliances to distribute its product globally.

KNC Co., Ltd. is Korea's official agency that provides technical support and sales for industrial and benchtop 3D printing system that can directly produce prototypes and finished products, automated postprocessing equipment that can color and surface finished prototypes, and data preparation software for AM technology.

•PBF type industrial 3D printer dedicated to metal powder and plastic powder
•PBF type benchtop plastic powder dedicated equipment
•Automatic polyshot cleaning, automatic polyshot surfacing, automatic deep dye colouring post-processing equipment
•PBF-type industrial 3D printer dedicated to investment casting and sand casting pattern manufacturing using WAX and Sintered Sand

We, G&I Solution Co., Ltd., provide 3D printers as a distributor of Zrapid Korea and a 3D printing service.
We have various machines which are from iSLA 300 to iSLA 1900.
We are offering rapid and accurate 3D printing services to the field of automotive, electric products,
medical devices and household goods, etc.

Harvestance is professional Additive Manufacturing(AM) design engineering company. Harvestance provides manufacturing professionals with alternatives and insights by designing optimum AM.
Our innovative AM solution helps clients reduce their cost, time and risk and design their products fast and accurately so that our clients can increase the competitiveness and productivity of their products.
Our solution makes the R&D process rapid by designing highly efficient and performing components and prototypes. Our solution replaces supplementary components such as EOAT with 3D Printed components so that our clients can cut time and expenses.

We are a JV company with Aerotech Inc. having world top temptation in the field of ultra Precision motion industry and we are a sole distributor and partner company for OEMF/ODM With nScrypt in the USA which is proud of the highest 3D printing technology.

AON, we are a manufacturer of Bio-ceramic 3D printers and its exclusive ceramic slurry and revolutionized the manufacturing of dental restorations with the world's first dedicated 3D DLP(Digital Light Processing) printer to meet the surging demand for aesthetic dental treatments for the rising geriatric population worldwide.

Our company actively participates in new business areas centering on robots and educational institutes since its establishment. Develop and supply various kinds of practical equipment, such as electric and robot, manuals, and teaching aids for education. Print out the design printed PCB Printer, and provide a desktop-type PCB Printer for soldering.

Kyungseo Indus., Co.Ltd is the largest industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer in Korea.
We provide Tiger-Vac ATEX vacuum cleaner to various fields with Korean Atex certification which is the first in Korea.
We will provide the best follow0up service for your needs.
Thank you.

Onscans is specialized in 3D scanner development, manufacturing and selling.
A human body scanner is capable of detailed scanning, scans hair, harmless to the eyes.
An industrial scanner is possible to scan with diverse materials for professional and general use
Onscans supports business engraving 3D face into crystal by laser machine.

KOS was chosen as the world’s first-class company in the stainless steel wire business! With our dream of being a safe and convenient world and bountiful tomorrow, we are expanding our market to Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Japan, U.S.A and Europe, etc, making steps into the world.
Also, we started developing and manufacturing metal powder for 3D printing(AM). We promise to show successful results about the development of metal powder manufacturing technology projects for 3D printing(AM) which we are currently undertaking.
We will not be self-satisfied. We will be KOS as the most specialized experts leading stainless wire fields and will continuously do hard working and create to make a better future.

Nplus Solutions is an authorized distributor of HP 3D Printers.
We provide HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printers. That can not only produce prototypes but also be
Used for mass production. Our company aims to support and grow with our customers by
Presenting a new paradigm. In the 3D production and manufacturing sector.

Based on the Good Bot Series printer, which is the basis of Korea's first Tool Change technology, and various filaments produced by the company, the garment and footwear industries are also actively underway.

Merain Company has the core metal 3D printing technology required for high value-added industries.
With the growth of core technologies such as 3D printing service, education, metal powder GMP certification, and software, it has developed its own DAVID series of metal 3D printers. It is optimized for Dental research, development and education by applying metal additive manufacturing system with metal powder and powder bed fusion type, providing 118mm diameter and 100mm height, and securing its own technology in a 300 watt laser system. It is a additive manufacturing system with a long life, safe laser scanner, and a reliable 300W IPG photonics laser system that is compatible with Magics and Netfabb software.

Since its foundation in 2014, Hanil Industrial Co., Ltd., which puts customer satisfaction as its top priority, has been steadily strengthening its internal structure.
We have been developing our capabilities, and we are continuing our research and development in the 3D printing material business, which is currently a new growth engine.
We are running to become a leading company. Through expansion into domestic shopping malls and overseas Amazon.
We are doing our best to meet more diverse customers and improve materials through feedback.

A company specializing in 3D printing materials that manufactures and supplies photocurable materials for 3D printing with special characteristics for each application.

SEEANN provides Customized SOLUTION using medical images in the clinical field.
We provide precision medical services by a convergence of Software and Hardware technology.

Samyoung Machinery, a leading company in advanced binder jetting 3D printing solutions and manufacturing process technology, provides 3D-printing sand molds, cores and rapid-prototyping(RP) services for casting products. Samyoung is actively applying sand 3D printing technology to casting components development and mass production and is carrying out 3D printing innovation projects in various fields such as engines, automobiles, architecture, construction, sculpture, art and cultural assets. Samyoung Machinery is a specialized company that produces pistons and cylinder heads, which are key parts of engines for inland power plants, ships, and railways. Samyoung was recently selected as one of the 100 Hidden Champions in Materials, Components, and Equipment by the Ministry of SMEs. Samyoung is a global hidden champion that has a vertical-integrated system that performs the entire process on its own, including 3D printing, design, analysis, casting, machining, and inspection.

In 2015, 4DMIXX Inc. was established through technology based on 3D printers, the core technology of the 4th industry. Not only we offer 3D printing services and also create researches and products.
4DMIXX has developed products, prototypes, research results and Marketing promotional items of domestic and foreign customers with collaboration progressing. We have shared the technology for public use of 3D printers.
The 4DMIXX Environmental Technology Research Institute, Inc. provides products and services that can minimize
the damage caused by climate and ecological changes caused by environmental pollution.
This institute is developing water and air purification products and components by studying.

Founded by a team of engineers having researched Additive Manufacturing technology since 2006 and achieved the coveted T-2 classification in 2018 by developing and commercializing eco-friendly binder jets and precision metal printers, SFS is a pathfinder in the new realm of Industry 4.0. Our main products are:
- The world’s first metal 3D printer with in-situ monitoring and compensation system
- Eco-friendly binder jet 3Dprinter for casting heavy industrial parts
- Conformally-cooled 3D Smart Molds

Yally3D mainly manufacture and sell 5-color 3D printers, and manufacture and sell various products based on those 3D printers.

We have completed the development of 5-color and 10-color 3D printers by overcoming the limitations of monochromatic color output. Currently, two types of 5-color 3D printers have been commercialized and sold, and they are listed in the G2B / S2B Market.

It is possible to realize colorful prints that cannot be expressed with single-color 3D printers. As a result, many parts that could not be expressed in the existing single and dual color 3D printers are possible through the five-color printing. Currently, we have completed the development of a 10-color 3D printer and uploaded a video of the development process to YouTube.

I have been uploading videos to YouTube since last year. we uploaded 34 5 color 3D printer remodelling videos, and we uploaded 5 color 3D printer usage video and output videos. We are uploading videos on how to use our products, self-repair, and how to use Cura for multi-color printing.

We manufacture and sell various dog/cat/license plate name tags using a 5-color 3D printer. In cooperation with the Chosun University Dental College Hospital, we are supplying the pre-implant treatment diagnostic model by printing the bones and supports in different colors.


MARCUS SYSTEM Co., Ltd. has been leading the sign/graphic market as a Korean partner of MIMAKI, Japan since 1988. Completed based on professional 2D inkjet printer development technology, the world's first new 3D printer capable of full-color modeling of more than 10 million colors will be presented at the INSIDE 3D PRINTING 2021 exhibition.

Hephzibah Co., Ltd was established in 1986 and has been engaged in developing and
manufacturing various electronic controllers.
We have been developed specialized HVAC equipments for commercial purpose and
for the industrial fields since 1993, Hephzibah has now become number one provider in Korea.
With sufficient experiences in the field and good reputations, international sales is on the rise
through our branch offices in Europe, Australia and the USA.
In order to diversify into sustainable business, we have been started renewable energy business
since 2009 with a government study project of core technology development.
Since 2012, we’ve started 3D printer business on the basis of strong marketing network
and stable financial support.
We would like to assure you we will continue to serve all our customers through continued
quality innovation and advanced services

Desktop Metal was established in the United States in 2015 with engineers from MIT and has since developed and manufactured metal 3D printers with a large investment of more than 300 billion won from global companies such as Google, BMW, and GE.
From prototyping and trial operations to mass production and aftermarket parts, engineering teams are transforming the way metal and composite parts are produced across a wide range of applications and industries with solutions that fit the manufacturing process.
The exhibition will introduce office-friendly BMD technology Studio System 2 and BinderJet technology Shop System's metal 3D printing technology for mass production of metal parts.

TRUMPF is market and technology leaders in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing, and work with our innovations in almost every sector.
TRUMPF’s software solutions pave the way to the Smart Factory, allowing us to implement high-tech processes in industrial electronics.
TRUMPF is the only single company in the field of Additive Manufacturing that provides both Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) and Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) technologies.
In 2003, an LMF technology 3D printer using metal powder was first released, and the LMF technology is used to manufacture new parts with a complex shape, and metal parts are manufactured by sintering metal powder materials with a laser and stacking them precisely.

DreamTNS Co., Ltd., including members who have only been engaged in 3D scanning from 1999 to the present,
As a group of experts, we aim to provide optimal solutions through various field experiences.
PointShape Inspector, PointShape Editor, and PointShape Design (www.pointshape.com) are 3D scan data polygon optimization function, inspection software, and reverse engineering software to be released, developed with our own technology and sold worldwide. is actively reflected in development.
All 3D scanner products we sell are domestic distributors, and we are doing our best to satisfy customers through direct technical support and after-sales service from overseas manufacturers.

Hyunwoo Data System Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and went through a KOSDAQ-listed company in 2003 and is currently operating an industrial 3D printer business at its office in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
As an official HP agency, a Korean distributor of Prismlab (SLA), and a Korean distributor of Techgine (Metal), we are doing our best to ensure that 3D printing can be used as mass production, not just for design verification.

3D Cloud was established in 2016 with the know-how of providing major 3D printing solutions for many years.
As a Stratasys Certified Partner and Anisoprint Distributor, it provides various 3D printing solutions.
It will provide 3D printing know-how necessary for product production, will complement the existing manufacturing process with the advantages of 3D Printing, and will support the rapid supply chain and build a small quantity batch production system.

L.Corporation is a company that offers integrated 3D printing solutions such as distribution of major 3D printers, printing services, platform service, training and 3D modeling design, etc

Industrial IoT(IIoT) and Digital Transformation information and technology magazine in Korea. We supply information on industrial IT, CPS (Cyber Physical System), Industrial Connectivity, automation, and market research reports. https://icnweb.kr

Moment Co., Ltd. is Korean 3D Printer manufacturer. Since its first launching in 2014, we have been developing various 3D Printers depending its materials and print size.
We're globally exporting our printers to many countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, France, USA and especially to Japan, in which global partner is distributing. Also many domestic institutions from schools to professional laboratories are using Moment 3D Printer Series for various purposes.
Main advantages for Moment series are high-quality, print stability and easy manual. We are eager to make better machines everyday and to develop not only ourselves but with our customers.

At Tekna as the world leader in inductively coupled plasma(ICP) for over 30 years, we develop and sell turnkey plasma solutions and utilize this knowledge and technology to manufacture and supply spherical powders and nano powders designed to meet all of the requirements from our customers. We produce advanced material powders that meet the most demanding criteria in industrial quantities of the AM(additive manufacturing), MIM(Metal Injection Molding), and Thermal spray as a global leader in the advanced materials.

Chomdan is publishing 3 different print magazines and 1 smart magazine in technical field. Also, we are a comprehensive media group that provides information through the industrial web magazine portal 'Hello T'. Under editorial licensing agreement with top ranked global publishers. Chomdan is a smart media group that covers and investigates the latest tech issues and provides extensive marketing services, partnering up with international media groups to provide effective advertising services to domestic and overseas companies.

PETELA is a plastic compound company with 60 years of technology to develop eco-friendly plastic materials.
We produce eco-friendly plastics (PVC Compound), Micro Pellet (Plastic Bead) and Synthetic Rubber (TPR, TPE Compound), not simply manufacture and sell PVC, Bead, TPR, and TPE Compound.
Currently, we export eco-friendly plastic relevant with new materials to more than 10 countries, including U.S., U.K., and Japan.
Especially, we launched a product equipped with the advantages of machinability and functions that overcomes the limits of PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, etc., which are materials for 3D printing.
We have produced new materials and products with FFF type. Also, we will also release DLP, SLA type liquid resin in December 2021. And SLS's industrial new materials are also in the development phase.
PETELA has established itself as a leader in the field of material development where the domestic and foreign 3D printing market has reached its limits. We will strive to be a company putting customer satisfaction first.

DNN CORPORATION is a media group specializing in Digital Dentistry for all of dental professionals in Korea. We publish a weekly dental newspaper, Dental Arirang, and monthly magazine of DenfoLine and ZERO for dentist and dental laboratory technicians respectively. Among them, ZERO is the No.1 media with its in-depth report about the state-of-the-art digital dentistry.