June 24-26, 2020 / Hall 5, KINTEX 1

JUNE 24-26, 2020 / SEOUL



Hanil Industrial Co., Ltd. is researching, developing, producing and selling 3D printer filament under the name of 'Rainbow filament'. We are constantly striving to research and develop various materials with domestic chemical companies. We are also stabilizing materials through collaboration with 3D printer companies. We have been contributing to popularize domestic PET-G filament and developing and selling PC that can output at low temperature. In addition, PEEK filament, a super engineering plastic, is produced domestically and distributed to organizations and 3D printing companies. In order to activate the 3D printing market, I will always try to make environment-friendly materials, reliable materials and reliable materials.

Since 2010 GermanRepRap(GRR) have been developing X-Series 3D Printers based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology.

With our latest development, the Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) process, liquids such as silicone rubber can also be processed.

The L280 using the LAM process will be introduced at the Inside 3D Printing.


HP is committed to providing innovative materials that address cost, quality, performance, and versatility that were previously a barrier to 3D printing and help businesses prepare for future digital production. HP is supporting the business by leveraging an open platform model that expands the HP brand portfolio and facilitates collaboration and material expansion by third parties. HP Multi-Jet Fusion technology also has a unique capability to produce parts with physical and functional characteristics that are controllable at each point in the part. Delivering speed, quality, strength, and new features, HP Multi Jet Fusion accelerates the adoption of 3D manufacturing in a variety of industries and applications.

Formlabs is expanding access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything. Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts with offices in Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Hungary, and North Carolina, Formlabs is the professional 3D printer of choice for engineers, designers, manufacturers, and decision makers around the globe.

ProtoTech Inc. offers 3D printer and 3D scanner, production services as a leader in 3D printing total solutions. We have been the largest platinum partner of Stratasys for 15 years, spreading 3D printing technology in Korea, and became the domestic distributor of metal 3D Printers of TRUMPF, Desktop Metal in 2017. In addition, we established the Prometheus subsidiary in 2017 for professional production services. We have been certified an AS9100. We provide high quality part service as a member of the Global Manufacturing Service (GMN).

Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, provides 3D printers and 3D printing materials for prototyping and product manufacturing. Specifically, based on patented FDM® and PolyJet® technologies, 3D native CAD files make it easy to receive as a prototype. Stratasys ranges from affordable desktop 3D printers for idea development to large production systems for direct digital manufacturing (DDM). In addition, the PolyJet new Stratasys J850 offers up to seven materials combined to print 500,000 colors and a variety of composite materials at once, allowing you to produce more realistic parts without having to work. The exhibition will feature new Stratasys and new materials at the nation's largest distributor, ProtoTech booth.

Desktop Metal specializes in metal 3D printing, with nearly 100 billion won invested in global automakers Ford, BMW, General Electronics (GE), Google and others. Based on metal injection molding technology, we have built a line-up of Studio System Plus, which is dedicated for prototyping, and Shop System and Production System for mass production. Studio System Plus is a new technology that can replace existing technologies such as Casting, MIM, and forging, which can increase the productivity of metal parts manufacturing. We have introduced and used desktop metal 3D printers in BMW, Ford, Google, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Desktop metal 3D printing solutions will be introduced at ProtoTech Booth, a local distributor of Desktop Metal.

Germany’s TRUMPF, which has the world’s No. 1 laser technology, offers a complete solution with integrated additive manufacturing systems, digitalization and services for metal 3D printing industrialization. The Korean distributor (Master Metal Fusion) ProtoTech is providing a compact, high-precision Truprint 1000 and a large metal part ( 300 300mm x 400mm) production solution and is planning to introduce metal parts from various industries to the exhibition.

Graphy Inc. has succeeded in its source technology development of new materails (photo-curable resin) for 3D printers, which is a key element of 4th industry. In particular, it has been recognized worldwide for its technology capability by successfully commercializing the direct 3D printing clear aligner materail and the permanent tooth material for the first time in the world, which were the difficulties for the global orthodontic market.

HEPHZIBAH CO., LTD was established in 1986 with electronic control technology, and in the 1990s, it also developed controllers for large corporate home appliances and produced dental devices for Lvoclaw. Starting from OEMs based on the control technology, it has grown into a strong engine for development and manufacture of special heating and cooling machines and power converter. In 2012, Veltz 3D brands started 3D printing business in earnest, concentrating on the 3D printing technology after selecting a consortium of government tasks, "A 3D Printing Equipment Material Development Program." We successfully entered the dental industry after two years of successful commercialization, and after one year of success. In particular, it is concentrating on convergence of equipments, materials and software in the dental field, and plans to target overseas markets by launching new products with global competitiveness.

IACT had been established for creating dynamic force of national and regional economic growth by providing facilities and equipment to help develop Advanced technology convergent product and supporting research, development, utilizing equipment, training, education and business development. We expect that as a consequence, leading edge industries are developed, well trained human resources are supplied and establish vector of sustainable economic growth of Advanced technology convergence industry.

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AVACO is now the leading equipment maker in the FPD (Flat Panel Display), semiconductor, PV and the thin film market segments. Also AVACO is in charge of domestic sales and C/S of metal-based 3D printing system developed by Velo3D

Solidscape incorporates innovative printing technologies and material properties that advance the state-of-the-art in computer-controlled fabrication of master patterns by providing the highest standards in surface finish, accurasy and material castability. Our SCP(Smooth Curvature Printing) delivers the highest precision and surface finish in the industry.

MEDICAL IP was founded in South Korea in 2015 and the company who leads the medical IT technologies with
AI powered software for the imagery and 3D printing solution for the surgery.

AM Korea is an industrial 3D printer company.
HP 3D Printer Authorized Distributor
We have various 3D printer equipment such as SLA, SLS and SLM, and specialize in distribution and follow-up management.

Hyunwoo Data System, established in 1987, is the first company in Korea to supply a card issuer that manufactures plastic cards and plastic IDs, not paper cards or IDs.

In 1997, the office building was built in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul, and it has clients in many areas besides hospitals, securities firms, banks, department stores as well as Cheong Wa Dae or Blue House In 2003, Hyunwoo Data System sold KBC, a listed company, and since 2013, it has expanded its business to industrial 3D printers, now serving as an official agent for Techgin, Prismlab Korea, HP and Desktop Metal.

The company has developed a powerful industrial 3D metrology software, PointShape Inspector that allows importing all major CAD formats for industrial level of quality control During this exhibition, the company will display top-performing Handheld type 3D scanners (Thunk3D, DUUMM) and a few type of high accuracy fixed type scanners (iPointShape Package) including PointShape Inspector.

Partners Lab Co., Ltd., a leaading 3D printing company, provides 3D printing, CNC precision machining, and high quality post-processing services as 'One-Stop Solution' through the best facilities in Korea.
(Acquired international quality standard ISO 13485/9001/14001, AS9100)

We specialize in 3D measurement, providing high-precision 3D scanners and reverse design software. Createc is committed to providing fast, in-depth, efficient services and solutions to meet your needs. To this end, we are building a close cooperation system with various companies in the domestic and overseas measuring field.

It's a total edition of the Esun filament.
Esun filament is a proven European Environmental Management System (REACH).
PLABS offers a package of 3D printers and even printed accessory parts.

Based on the Good Bot Series printer, which is the basis of Korea's first Tool Change technology, and various filaments produced by the company, the garment and footwear industries are also actively underway.

Nplus Solutions is an authorized distributor of HP 3D printers.
We provide HP multi-jet fusion 3D printers. That can not only produce prototypes but also be
used for mass production. Our company aims to support and grow With our customers by
presenting a new paradigm, in the 30 production and manufacturing sector.

Trotec Korea Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Trotec Laser in Korea, which produces the best products of precision lasers in Europe. Trotec products offer the highest precision and processing speeds, including Co2, Fiber, Flexx (Co2 + Fiber), registration camera, laser workshop, the most commonly used products in public institutions. In the maker space of the government support project, many companies are selecting and using our products for the reliability and the stability of the business.

The goal of Lincsolution Co., Ltd. is to create a world where everyone can use the customized products of their own using 3D printing technologies. For this, we aim to provide various 3D printing service solutions that can create new businesses and high value-added industries for the existing manufacturing industries aiming at the new customized consumer product markets.

- Developed the world’s first [hydrogel mask-pack] based on [Piezo Jet Dispenser].
- Development of the largest SLA 3D printer in Asia (Build Size : 2400X800X600mm)
- Development and print-out for the 3D printers for engineered plastics (PEEK)
- Global website for 3D Printing service platform (www.fixing.kr)

STICK is a domestic 3D printer brand.
We have grown steadily since we started in 2017 and are preparing for more product and education.
It is the first franchise in Korea to operate a workshop and provides manufacturing, education, and output services.
STICK will be joining you to create a future in your space.

As a specialized material for 3D printing, it possesses various specialized materials (photocurable ceramic, metal, etc.) and provides optimized materials for each facility through
tuning for each 3D printer.

Anycasting has developed the metal 3D printing technology using electrochemical methods, Because of this, we provide equipment sales and parts manufacturing services by custom-made equipment required by customers, such as PCB, electronic devices and battery production. Furthermore, we are the professional manufacturer of LED optical lenses and the No. 1 position in the domestic market based on our high design technology.

We, G&I Solution Co., Ltd., provide 3D printer as a distributor of Zrapid Korea and 3D printing service. We have various machines which are from iSLA 300 to iSLA 1900. We are offering rapid and accurate 3D printing services to the field of automotives, electric products, medical devices and house hold goods,. etc.

SAMT fostered professionalism that was centered on creative ideas as a means to predict new markets and to discover future-oriented products, rather than simply focusing on the distribution of components. We have developed a distribution network to supply various 3D printers into Korea so that 3D printing technologies may be applied to the depressed manufacturing industry. With marketing knowhow, we will provide not only 3D printers but also overall solutions of 3D printing for the need of customers.

3D Materials provide various High Quality 3D printing materials.
Since the launch of 3D Materials in 2018, we are increasing our share of the market for general purpose 3D printing materials.
We are actively researching not only 3D printing industrial materials but also bio materials.

3D_Enter Cross_Series has already been widely used in the industrial field, and its high efficiency and safety have been verified. Please be the leader of cost reduction and 4th industrial revolution with "Cross pro650", "Cross pro1000 and" Cross E650 "". We will always be a company that researches and develops.

Hanil Industrial Co., Ltd. is researching, developing, producing and selling 3D printer filament under the name of 'Rainbow filament'. We are constantly striving to research and develop various materials with domestic chemical companies. We are also stabilizing materials through collaboration with 3D printer companies. We have been contributing to popularize domestic PET-G filament and developing and selling PC that can output at low temperature. In addition, PEEK filament, a super engineering plastic, is produced domestically and distributed to organizations and 3D printing companies. In order to activate the 3D printing market, I will always try to make environment-friendly materials, reliable materials and reliable materials.

3DGO is a 3D printing community website that started in November 2018 and is currently in progress. It is a place where you can easily and quickly post information ranging from first-timers to professionals who are new to the site where you can view.

Our company actively participates in new business areas centering on robots and educational institutes since its establishment. Develop and supply various kinds of practical equipment, such as electric and robot, manuals, and teaching aids for education. Print out the design printed PCB Printer, and provide a desktop-type PCB Printer for soldering.

Onscans is specialized in 3D scanners developing, manufacturing and selling.
The features of the scanner are fixed type, easy to use for beginners, no calibration needed, convenient to move.
For the industrial scan is possible to scan with diverse materials for professional and general use.
It can be used in many ways such as scanning character, product design, inspection, reverse engineering.
For the human body scan is capable of hair scanning, quick scanning, harmless to eyes.
It can be used in many ways such as analyzing human body, compare before and after, medical assistant tools, creating figures.
Onscans supports business engraving 3D face into crystal by laser machine.

SangSangPyoHyeon provides various 3D printers to government offices and educational institutions, including prototyping and 3D printing services, 3D design, 3D modeling software education, coding training, and educational robot delivery.